Wish: showing different design states based on Layer states (Rhino)

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  • Hi,

    it could be a big step forward if the saved layer states of Rhino could be used at the Enscape standalone.

    Often architects and designers want to show design variants and it's cumbersome to open different standalones and jump to the right view always.

    Example 1: My client like to get a complex train model with and without seats. I need to send him two big standalones yet.

    Example 2: For a product design presentation I could setup a standalone with all different design variations and object. Now I need to create independent files and the client needs to jump between the files.

    I hope it wouldn't be hard coding work to implement this functionality.



  • I think having various options would be handy - for my work-flow it would primarily be seeing what a different colour option would look like, but I do sometimes have different layers that it would be handy to toggle on/off (eg turn off all the dressing and furniture in a room so you can just see the space.)

  • I am up for this feature as well, as a Designer from a Big Architectural firm, we are constantly presenting projects through different stages, and that include a lot of changes, the clients love to have to ability in real-time to tick a box and see the Phasing of the concept of a project if that is the case, the same happen with the options during the presentation, kind of Sketchup scene and layering system that allows you to create and hide options with only ticking a box or selecting an specific scene.

    Thanks in advance!