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  • Hey Thomas, will this be based on the 'starred' views?

    Also, will there be a way to set/save different render settings per each view? Time of day, exposure, ... typically all of these settings change for each view.

  • Thomas Willberger I don't want to be overweening, but perfect match to this feature would an option to enable "use camera target as focus point". So far I remember me on my first big Enscape project, it was a lot of work to define the right focus point for each view, even more for the two-point-animations. Using the camera target as focus is a basic feature of any render plugin I know (for Rhino). Maybe it's a good time to implement it. I could imagine that it is a little coding work only.

    (If not now, please set it on the list of easy to implement features.)

  • In this version, they will only (similar to the locations) include position and time of day. Once we add to save more settings to a view, that might be added.

    I dont see how i can set and save the time of day each different view....... in Revit, within the Camera Views, there is a ''set sun position'' but when I switch to another view and back, it always starts at 8u20................

  • Micha , thanks for the Feedback. I have filed it as feature request.

    RemcoNL in Revit you can set Date and Time independently for each View using the Revit Sun Settings.

    These settings are being read by Enscape, and displayed correctly. The "Set Sun Position" button you refer to is not meant to change the sun position saved in that view, but to change only to the sun position saved in that view - as opposed to also change the location.

    An easier approach, introduced in one of the latest releases, is to just click [Create View]. Enscape will now read the Daytime currently set in Enscape, and apply it to the newly created View automatically.

  • Ok I will give it a try.............. I want to change and save the sun setting each view, so I have to check my latest release if that function is possible right now, do I have to push the ''set sun position" anyway?

  • No, the Set Sun Position button will change the sun position in Enscape temporarily. It won't save anything.

    If you're using the latest Enscape release and you're hitting [Create View], the Enscape time set at that point should be saved into the newly created view.

    Please let me know if that's not the case.

  • If you're using the latest Enscape release and you're hitting [Create View], the Enscape time set at that point should be saved into the newly created view.

    Please let me know if that's not the case.

    I just installed the latest preview version ( and I arranged a view in the model, with a nice sun setting (not the default 8u20) and ''create view''....... then to another position, and then back to the new view & time, but nothing happend.... the time was again 8u20..................

  • According to me..... the sunsetting in Revit is an overal setting...... I like to have within each (Enscape)cam-view the possibility to an ''Enscape-override-saved'' setting each view.

    The only way to change that for now in Revit is to make a different view template with each saved (Enscape)camview...............

  • Hi RemcoNL , I'm sorry but that's just not true - the sun settings in Revit are being saved per 3D View.

    For reference, please just open the Revit rac_basic_sample_project and switch through a few views via the Enscape 3D View selector. You'll see the time change according to the settings in each view.

    Please also try creating a new view through Enscape in this project. Is the time still not being saved?

  • Hi Kai, I have to say, the behaviour you described, in the rac_basic_sample_project, is correct; I got the same results: changing suntimes when changing shots.....Now I have to investigate why that behaviour in my other project (with a couple of linked Revit files) is not the same.........................

  • it's been the case in any projects I've tried so far, I believe. If you want us to have a look at it, feel free to share your project (or a small sample that shows the same behavior)

  • I have experienced the same issue (sun settings not saved with "create view") - was very disappointed after saving a dozen views with adjusted lighting! I wonder if the age of the file could be a factor (started in I think 2015, then upgraded to 2016 and recently to 2018)

    Is there a private way to share the file for testing? Project is confidential

  • sure chris4d , you can upload it to any file hoster, such as dropbox or WeTransfer and just send the link to . Ideally, include the link to this thread so we'll know what to look for right away - shouldn't take too long. I suspect there might be something fishy about the sun settings of the view you're in while clicking the [Create View] button, maybe confusing Enscape in some way. We'll be happy to look into this (but please make sure you're using the latest Enscape version, by the way. There's been a time in which you could create views but the Daytime was not saved)