White "paper mode" improvements

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  • The 'paper mode' is good, but you have to tweak other settings to switch between "reality" and "model" - it would be handy if the following options were linked to the 'paper mode' check box:

    • bump maps; could they be removed or even better, have a slider to adjust their 'depth' while in this mode?
    • grass; could the level of detail be reduced so that it looks like a 'smooth' surface with jaggy edges? Perhaps linked to the bump-map' texture slider above?
    • outlines; could they not outline the grass? it just looks like a grey/black mass that distracts from the over-all look.
    • Can there be a check box to turn the sky off when paper mode is selected
    • if the 'White background' is checked, could this be flipped to black when the sun drops below the horizon?
  • As an early champion for the white mode I'd like to add some agreement here!

    There's Viz. and then there's GFX - and a lot of our "actual" work (oooo flames!) remain quite humble visuals.

    Contrails, DOF, animated water, bloom, lens flare and other niceties are great for captivating an audience - but seldom desired for a static (some more obviously than others!) - and much like the desire to have Enscape work in orthographic-projection, there are many workflows where less would certainly be more.

    Totally agree on the grass outlines - and I only ever use 1px!

    I queried having no sky backdrop (with the white-out) but seem to recall the sky's retention was by design (?) but if the selection was there, that'd be nice.

    Not sure about the night-time-black-out-swap (think placement on paper) and would rather it go full-alpha absent for .png dumping onto any background.

    ...as for abandoning bump maps? Personally I'd keep them, but preference is personal. My only contest here would be, at these rates of reduction you're effectively NOT using Enscape and could get away with shaded/consistent viewport views from most native applications!

  • Thank you both for your feedback. I think switching the white background to black during night is a great idea! Different outlines for certain objects is currently not so feasible but we will see! Thanks again, we will try to incorporate your thoughts.