Wish: run mode for _-EnscapeTakeScreenshotCommand (Rhino object animation)

  • Hi,

    so far I understand right it's possible to use Rhino commands in run mode. This allow to write little scripts based on this commands. I would like to use this

    _-EnscapeTakeScreenshotCommand _Enter

    so that the opened save dialog will be automatic closed. Is it possible to implement? Maybe it's not to difficult to add.



  • Why do you want this kind of scriptable behaviour? There might be other ways. For example there are tools that can simulate keystrokes. In combination with the screenshot hotkey that might be a solution. However, if you just want to take several screenshots of different views, wait for the batch screenshot functionality in the upcoming preview version.

    Right now we are not planning to allow customizable workflows. Whatever is possible in Rhino now is just a byproduct of the Rhino architecture. We also have to think about other CAD applications, so most probably we won't start building scripting capabilities based on Rhino commands.

    btw: the image is broken

  • Simon Weinberger I try to get some basic object animation running per automatic screenhots started by a hidden Bongo bonus function. The attached image shows a manual done object animation. It need some time to load (5MB).

    I know, object animation can cause flickering, but I hope on this way it's useful for some cases. Not official implement and without guaranty.

  • Simon Weinberger I got a request by a client for rendering a little rail way bus animated along a rail. Very simple to calculate, most is direct light. Is there no chance to get a scriptable take screenshot command? A command that accept an automatic "enter"? Would it not be a coding work of 5 minutes, but open the door for user experiments, testing the power of Enscape for simple animations? Could it not be addded as test command like the McNeel team do it for commands without warranty?

    At the moment I'm working on the Vray for Rhino setup and the render time will be approx. 90s per frame. So, it could be so quick done per Enscape ... .

  • +1 For this request!

    Pretty please give us a dashed version of the EnscapeTakeScreenshotCommand command that would allow us to pass a file path via the command line instead of the browse dialog. See the 'ViewCaptureToFile' and '-ViewCaptureToFile' commands in rhino as a precedent. This would allow us the ability to do something like this with Enscape:

    1. //this works
    2. Rhino.RhinoApp.RunScript(@"_-ViewCaptureToFile C:\Users\bh\Desktop\viewCaptureDemo.png _Enter", true);
    3. //this does not, but should!
    4. Rhino.RhinoApp.RunScript(@"_-EnscapeTakeScreenshotCommand C:\Users\bh\Desktop\enscapeCaptureDemo.png", true);

    Simon Weinberger - "Right now we are not planning to allow customizable workflows." is very un-Rhino... Little (and very easy to develop) things like this that allow Rhino users to mix and match their plugins ad hoc go a long way in terms of developing street credit within the McNeel community.

  • So can someone clarify, can we write a script that opens enscape and then does a screencapture of view and then closes?

    or is what we are saying that we can open enscape through rhino but not do screencapture through this?

    I am keen to write something for all but want to know what is currently possible.

    Multiple screen capture is good, but if you can script, you can write loops to do multi capture with multiple different versions etc- a lot more powerful.