Rhino Worksession Issue

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    Worksession Issues

    Basically - When using Rhino worksession to combine large files for export, Enscape seems to drop materials and mapping. I haven't noticed a pattern in what materials it drops, the location of the materials, or which file it happens in. The only consistent part is that it usually happens when I link in a large (physical distance) context model. The model is fine when viewed/exported on it's own - it's only when it gets combined with others that it's a problem.

    1. The desired behavior is for models to look the same if they are on their own or worksessioned in to another file. Currently, when worksessioning in large files Enscape will unpredictably drop materials or mapping.

    2. Preview version and Full Version 2.1.1

    3. Rhino 5

    4. Worksession in large, complex models with multiple materials.

    5. I'll upload images to this thread as I find them working from now on.