IES files incorrect behavior

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  • Hi,

    I've inserted some custom families of road lighting fixtures (by a lighting fixtures manufacturer) in a Revit project.

    I've found out a really strange behavior in the way Enscape renders the light emitted by the ies files.

    As you can see in PICTURE 1 / 2 below, the fixture is set at a certain height from the ground (8 meters), and NO light in reaching the ground.

    But still the fixture is emitting light (as you can see from the lit pole).



    So I tried to change the fixture's offset from the ground.

    At 1m height, the correct shape of the light emission is clearly visible (see PICTURE 3 below):


    At 3 meters height, the real shape begins to "disappear" (see PICTURE 4):


    At 6 meters height, the light on the ground has lost its real shape; now it is nearly round ( seePICTURE 5):


    This behavior seems to me to be incorrect and not realistic.

    I've made the same trials with other .ies files, but the result is always the same.

    It would be really important to me if this issue is fixed, because otherwise I won't be able to use Enscape with Revit models of external area (fixtures on high poles).

    Have you already accounted this issue? Have you already scheduled the fixing of this problem?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Hi Alessandro,

    in this case the reason for the decribed behaviour is most likely a relatively low intensity of the light fixture. To be able to reach real-time peformance Enscape does some optimizations for lighting, including an estimation of the influence radius of a given light source based on it's power/intensity. In your case this radius seems to be so small, that the light doesn't (or barely on picture 5) reach(es) the ground.

    One workaround at the moment would be to increase the light fixture's power/intensity. However we've been working on a more adaptive solution in the meantime, where we detect which radius is required to get a better lighting result. This will be contained in the upcoming release of Enscape v.2.2 ;)

  • Hi,

    thanks for your quick answer.

    I've tried what you suggest, incrementing (a lot) the "Initial Intensity" parameter (luminous flux and power), but the effect in Enscape doesn't seem to be changing very much (at an height of 8 meters, the light still doesn't reaches the ground).

    I suppose for now I have to offset the photometric ies file from the 3d geometry of the fixture.

    May I ask if the release of version 2.2 is already scheduled and for when?

    Thanks a lot.


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    May I ask if the release of version 2.2 is already scheduled and for when?

    Enscape 2.2 is planned to be released within the first quarter of the year. However we also release regular Preview versions of the upcoming release, where you can have a look at the upcoming new features. The adaptive radius will be featured in one of the next Preview versions. Check this thread for regular feature updates:

    New Preview version Disclaimer: Preview versions don't have the same thorough quality assurance as regular releases, so they may contain serious bugs. Please don't use them for production!

  • Has there been any more updates to this? I am trying to show how lighting from 100ft poles will look at a large compost facility.

    Are there any other tips for getting the light to cast farther out besides drastically increasing the lumen setting? Increasing the lumens doesn't seem to change the cast radius either.

    I've played around with the height of the light source and as soon as I go above 60' the lighting completely disappears from the terrain. Anyone have any thoughts on how to fix this?

    Thanks in advance.