Crashes in both Revit and Sketchup with Oculus

  • I have a lot of problems with oculus rift / sketchup / revit / steamVR / enscape

    I'n not sure where the problem is - if it is a encsape problem, but it seems so....

    Whenever i start VR in sketchup or Revit - SteamVR seems to crash.

    I can start Oculus Rift, and from here Google Earth VR, witch uses SteamVR also - and it works just fine.

    I havet tested both the latest preview version, and the version before that.

    Does others have theese issues?



  • You don't need to run SteamVR for using Oculus Rift with Enscape.

    =>We only use it for HTC Vive and windows mixed reality headsets.

    I haven't heard about that behavior connected to Enscape in particular so far.

    I had the same behavior in general when SteamVR tries to conntect to a headset which is already busy. So I don't have SteamVR in Autostart any longer and only start it when I need it.

    Which versions of Enscape, Oculus and SteamVR are you using?

  • hi jonathan

    thank you for getting back to me.

    when i activate the vr headset in enscape - steamVR starts right away. And after a short time steamVR says (unresponsive) SketchUp.exe

    i can see that it works fine in the enscape window - the model is shown and its responses to the movement of the HMD, but in the HMD i just see a white rectangle on the floor, the green border net, and then a large black floor.

    i don't know that's going on :-( maybe i could help if i could prevent steamvr to startup - but i did not find this setting.

    I use

    Windows 7

    Enscape 2.1.2

    SteamVR is set to use the lasted beta version

    Oculus - i'm not sure as i can't find that information

    Oculus Rift - lasted model

    Sketchup 2017



  • Jorgensen

    There is a specific option for it in the developers tab of the Steam VR setting:

    Start SteamVR -> Settings -> Developer -> Disable option "Start SteamVR when an application starts"

    ! Be aware that you have to start SteamVR manually after that action.

  • i have downloaded an installed the lastest version of oculus software.

    when i start sketchup, there is still no connection between sketchup and oculus.

    i can see the movements of the HMD in the enscape window - but there is just a small white rectangle and a large black floor when i look inside the HMD.

    the same for revit - but here i get a white floor, and a 2d screen flowting in front of me saying "revit.exe loading.".

    i tried the aircar demo in the oculus library - and it works fine.

    has anyone had this kind of problems?

    edit - i did deactive steamvr.exe, so it does not popup when i start enscape.



  • Have you checked our knowledgebase article about using VR HMDs?

    You have to allow input from "Unknown sources" in the settings of your Oculus Software.