Weathering and edge wear

  • I would like to have an option to 'weather' an object.

    I'm not sure if I would want to apply the effect to the whole model (for simple, quick one-click application), only certain objects/components/groups or only individual textures (for maximum in-depth control);

    • edges showing wear/erosion
    • rust/water streaks down walls
    • splatter/creep up walls
    • scratches and blemishes to surfaces (this can currently be achieved with a 'gloss' mask and/or a scratch bump, but that would need to be incorporated into the material's own surface - this would be an over-lay that is independent of the material it's applied to.)
  • I don't know - I can see two paths

    1 - apply a 'weather' filter to a selected texture

    2 - apply a generic 'weather' filter to the whole model.

    Obviously 1 would give lots of control and give realism for selected areas while leaving other bits looking shiny and new. However 2 could just be a tic box setting that saves lots of time because you don't have to edit every surface you want to show it on; an option for "increased realism". Both would be cool, but I can imagine that they might fight against each other.

  • It could indeed be cool ( i know lumion has this feature), but i dont see the big benefit compared to doing it manually in the texture itself... this gives a great deal more flexibility and control as well :-)

  • Biggest benefit: time.
    I have one day (on average) to start from nothing, model an existing house & garden, add an extension, change the internal layout, texture and light it, add some dressing and create a presentation. I could spend one week and you wouldn't be able to tell if it was real or not. But I have (so far) not found any clients who would pay for that level of service.

  • For me it sounds like something for a matured material system, for example Vray allow to enable edge and noise effects to create an used look. For now I would be glad if Rhino would get the Enscape material editor. But since it needs months to implement basic features like for example a simple connection between focus point and Rhino camera target ... .

    My impression is the Enscape team could be 10 times bigger to get all the developing done. The engine is extreme powerful, but there are 100 little basic features that could be implemented. I think the basic for weathering features are layered materials.

  • Hey, that's what "wish list's" are for ;)

    If the end-goal is to have automatic weathering, then there may be 100 little steps that lead to that end goal - I agree that layered materials could be one of the steps towards it (that would also be cool) but personally I don't mind what steps are taken to get there.

    (I have an ongoing list of 100 more features that could be implemented... but I don't want to spam the forum any more than I already do :saint:)