Not Rendering Blocks and Extrusions Enscape For Rhino

  • Hi All,

    My enscape is not able to render blocks or extrusions.

    The Extrusions are invisible (not there) and the blocks whilst visible are textured strangely and the geometry moved to a different location.

    It can be solved by exploding both these elements (and then everything runs perfectly) but is there a way of getting this to work without having to do this?


  • The block texture issue is at Rhino 6? Is it also a problem for the Rhino renderer? If yes, than you need to ask the McNeel team.



    I used blocks at Rhino 5 very often. Texture can be baked to the objects by:

    * extract render mesh of the objects

    * export as OBJ

    * import the OBJ

    So, a single texture mapping can be fix baked to the surfaces. Doesn't work for multi mapping channel use.

    If you like you could convert the extrusion objects to standard objects by _ConvertExtrusion.