Simple, but power full - turn table output wanted

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  • Hi,

    from time to time my clients ask for turntable animations. This animations based on several shots around an object. Here an example I renderd in the past (press the 3D button):

    It could be great if at Enscape the user could define an image count and than the count of view is rendered turned around an z-axis upright through the current focus point.

    Since it's simple batch rendering I suppose so it's not so difficult to implement. Since Enscape renderings are so fast, it could be quick done to create a turntable animation.

    The created frames can be used to create interactive turn tables. My favorite tool is Object2VR. It allow to export flash/mov/html files, basic formats for web pages. So, no Enscape standalone needs to be started. It could be a nice addition to the pano export. Old school tool, but basic technic for web shops without special player.

    (Most overseen, but a nice feature - the little free viewer DevalVR allow to enable a red/cyan stereo output based on two of the turntable views.)


  • Good question, look like you did turntables before too. ;)

    The easy solution would be to move the camera around the object (method a). In this case the lighting on the object stay constant.

    In the past I did my turn table animation by turning the object (method b). For me this looks more lively since the light on the object is changing, but the fine tuned light setup stay constant in relation to the camera, for example main light from right, fill light from left.

    I suppose so method (a) would be easier to implement.

  • Some years before an user of Maxwell render started to place a small light above the camera like a flash light (size and placement like in reality). The realistic look was very impressive. Should work with any renderer. I tested it during a project for an interior shot - I liked it, but my client doesn't needed it. :)

    (Could be a funny feature for the standalone, to press a secret button and a "flash" light is turned on.)

  • The next version will feature a flexible spline based camera system for videos. A rotation can be created with very few keyframes. You will be able to save the paths and load them. So you could easily create a rotation and load the same rotation/path in different scenes.

  • Why did you (enscape) choose the spline option and not (like in Sketchup) connect the views in an animation?

    Also just recording a walkthrough by pushing a record button could have done the trick I think, or is that even more difficult to realise?

    Frank K

    BIM modeler / coördination engineer

    Netherlands, Enschede area

    Revit, Sketchup, Enscape

    • Connected views: May be simple to setup but harder to maintain if you want to add a keyframe inbetween and also spams your project if you want to add a few positions. You would also need a special dialog to specify which views should define a camera path etc...
    • Push a button to record: Almost impossible to maneuver in a nice circle or a arbitrary 3D movement (except if you have a spacemouse). Again: It would work, but would quickly become a heavy limitation. We tried to make it as easy as possible without limiting too much in terms of what you can achieve. The easiness at the beginning should also not hurt the ability to make further adjustments.