potentially better resolution

  • I am an architecture student and the current Max resolution is 4092 x 4092. Our boards that we have to create can very wide at times. 42"X 72" At current the resolution gives a 200 pdi for just over a 20" picture. Would it be possible to consider expanding the resolution settings, or potentially making the customization more flexible? Thanks very much


  • My advice would be you focus on Architecture, not viz.

    And demand your faculty buy a projector.

    Focusing on architecture also means presenting it in the best, most informative way... being able to communicate your ideas and intentions is a very big part of being an architect.

  • I add a little consideration here, trying not to create another therad.

    Using Enscape I found that it is not that easy to get a desired image ratio. it is very simple to get the sketchup resolution and image ratio (and that is quite useful indeed) but I think we should have more control over that. For example, I often use a square ratio, which is a square crop of the sketchup viewport: that helps controlling the objects we see and the composition of the rendered image.

    Basically, I think that the developers should integrate a tool which helps in the visualization of the "cropped part of the sketchup viewport" (grey semitransparent bands for the cropped parts?), and maybe hopefully also allow the "shifting" of this crop.

    Also, I often use a very cool (and old) SketchUp plugin called camerarotate which rotates the sketchup view without rotating the model: it's extremely useful to get vertical shots easily. I saw that Enscape doesn't support that (I fear due to complicances with the Enscape navigation of the model).