Video export?

  • A first version of Enscape's video export will be released with the next version, check our development agenda to see what's planned!

    In the meantime however, we tend to use NVIDIA ShadowPlay - it's designed for games but works well with Enscape!

  • There are many reasons for using ShadowPlay since it runs faster than other programs. Yet it only runs with a Geforce GTX .

    If you want to use it with Quadro GPUs it does not work out of the box since it is not originally supported by nvidia. There are two things to do to make it work:

    • You need to create a shortcut of the geforce experience and add "-shadowplay" in the properties command line called "Target" (For Example: "c:\Program Files(x86)\NVIDIA...\NVIDIA GeForce Experince\GFExperience.exe" -shadowplay)
    • Make sure that the media player/Media Foundationupdate is installed on your windows