Wish: focus range control

  • Hi,

    here a wish for something what can't be done at the real world, but could be possible at Enscape - adjusting the focus range by keeping the max blur. Often I like the nice DOF blur in the near and far away, but the focused range looks to small. Ideally the focus slider could be splitted into two sliders - one for start and one for the end of the focused range, but a focus depth expander option could be good too, since it would work with a simple "focus target by camera" (I hope it comes soon ;) ).

    Since the DOF effect is a post effect this could be done by a flattened range of the z-depth like at the screenshot. I used this technic for post work DOF some times in the past.


  • Hi! I'd like to add to Micha's wish by adding a request to allow the user to click on any surface they want the auto-focus to focus on? Unless there is already a way to do this?

    I love the auto-focus feature as a realistic/cinematic presentation style, but it has rather unpredictable / unintuitive way of choosing what it will focus on, sometimes stubbornly focusing on the wall close-by, just to the side of the camera, and ignoring the scene further down the passage which is dead centre in the view.

    It would be very convenient, and less embarrassing for the presenter if this could be solved with a simple click without the client even noticing what happened.