Materials not transferring from rhino material editor to enscape correctly

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  • Hi,

    Is anyone else having a problem with textures not making it through from the rhino material editor to enscape correctly?

    I attach some screenshots.

    First of all with normal sized files and until i made this one heavy with furniture and plant geometry it was working fine! So it maybe is a memory issue? Or enscape not dealing with the increased amount of geometry in the file? (now 600mb)

    But since adding furniture / plants a few of the layers are not texturing correctly and appear either purple or green when they should be dark black?

    You can kind of work around it by changing the items on the layer that isn't rendering correctly (the purple) to one that is (such as the dark grey column adjacent) but a bit annoying to do so.

    Any ideas would be great as it's so close!


  • Hi Nick,

    I've been having this exact problem with the Rhino plugin. It's frustrating to troubleshoot because it is inconsistent with which materials and which model components it happens. A few workarounds that I've come across:

    1 - Keep file sizes lower. 600mb shouldn't be too bad, but it wouldn't hurt to maybe put all furniture or plants in a separate model and worksession it in.

    2 - Give all materials unique names. I've run in to this problem when rhino gives you the "This material is shared by one or more other objects. Click "Duplicate" to create a unique editable copy." warning. To be honest - I'm not sure why this works but using unique names has reduced the frequency that I've seen this.

    3 - If you are using worksession - try opening everything in a new file. Basically I will open a new file - set the units - import the views from my working file - and then worksession each working file in to this blank file.

    The miscellaneous pink colored columns that you're seeing are well known to me. I've reported the bug (Bug Report) but, as mentioned above, it is tough to solve when it's inconsistent behavior. Anyway...I hope these help.

  • Hi Brian,

    Sounds like the exact same problem. Especially the inconsistency - if i close and open the model the pink or green shades turn up elsewhere and seems to be random. It also certainly seems to be an issue when one material is used across a large number of multiple layers (Perhaps also when the model texturing is assigned by layer?). Which is a problem as this is definitely something that I imagine a lot of people will want to do in order to streamline workflows and control their rendering in a way similar to 3Dds max.

    I have tried creating a work session model and that has solved it which is great.

    However it is definitely something that the enscape team should look at.

    Simon - I am more than happy to send you my model if it would help?