Ground plane too low

  • Which ground plane do you mean? There is no ground plane in Enscape. We rely on you to create a ground in Revit. What you see at the horizon is infinitely far away, its just scenery decoration.

  • Not quite - if you press [space] to enter the "walk" mode and have nothing to stand on, you will drop approx 6m below the lowest bit of geometry. (So it doesn't really matter what height "Ground" is - you will always drop to that vantage point)

  • This is just a mechanism that prevents you from endless falling by toggling into fly mode. You can't walk on it and its not visible. As you said, its defined by the lowest tip of geometry.

  • Can you adjust the ground plane independently of the model geometry? In revit you can set the ground plane for shadows to a specific level, it would be great if Enscape would set the ground plane to that as a default and you could adjust it so you could easily walk around a 1st, 5th, or sidewalk level.

  • I just posted on another thread with a similar question. This thread is more in line with the problem that I have.

    It appears that Enscape does not have the ability to locate to a building level or any defined plane in the Revit model.

    In my case, the building model has the Survey Point set at zero (sea level) and the Project Base Point is set to the true elevation. This makes it so a building level or a spot elevation can report the true elevation or the project elevation.

    The ground plane that Enscape presents appears to be associated with the Survey Point and not the Project Base Point.

    What is the solution for this???

  • Hi All - I had already posted this Render[IN]-Example in a similar post here recently. I think, having an artificial horizon at +-0.00 by default is ok.
    However, to enable a manual numerical adjustment of the Ground Altitude is unavoidable: either so that this consistently unusable horizon can no longer be seen (like to see in the screenshot below) or to adjust it to our desired heights ...

  • Hi all,

    We seem to be having a similar problem in our office, with somebody accidentally hitting the FLY/Walk button and then falling through the Revit model.

    While somebody is hooked up to the VIVE it's a bit difficult to get them back up to Ground elevation.

    I did a small test with the World Origin at a known elevation, the Survey Point at 5m elevation(directly above the World Origin), and the Project Base Point at 10m elevation(also directly above the World Origin).

    I then placed a small Model In-place platform at each of those points, like three floating platforms above one another.

    As expected, in Enscape I fell to what looked to be the World Origin point where the lowest platform was.

    I then removed the lowest platform, so that only two platforms existed; one at Survey Point and one at Project Base Point, leaving the World Origin with no geometry near it. I then fell only as far as the Survey Point. The World Origin appears to have no effect on the lowest point in Enscape. It seems to be affected solely by the geometry you place in the world.

    I'm not sure what the solution might be in this case, but it might mean checking your models more thoroughly to ensure you don't have dwgs or other geometry floating far below your topography. Perhaps Enscape to build in a new workaround. It would not be feasible to change how the industry operates in Revit for such a simple problem.