Floating Licence Automatically Given Away to Another User at End of Session

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  • Hi Guys,

    Just a quick question, we have a floating licence in our small office that works fantastically however, we've noticed a strange and annoying behaviour recently.

    When user one has the licence and user two is using Enscape in the watermarked mode, for modelling aid/reference purposes; after user one has finished with the licence and closes Enscape, the licence is automatically given and taken up by user two without any notification from the system that this has happened.

    User two then continues to use Enscape in the watermark mode, whist they have taken the licence without knowing so; meaning that no other user can then take the licence back until user two closes Revit entirely. It would seem that, just closing Enscape doesn't give the licence back, i'd imagine because the system knows the user is in watermark mode and thus doesn't release the licence that it doesn't think it has?

    I know an obviously solution would be to buy more floating licences! Trust me, i'd love to and support you guys more, it's just not in our budget at the moment.

    Anyone else experienced similar or are we doing something wrong?


  • It's definitely not intended that a license slot is used while one user has Enscape closed and the other user has Enscape watermarked.

    It is intended that the watermarked user gets the license once it's available (and the watermark should vanish at that time).

    We will take a look.

  • Hi there,

    Is there a way of finding out who has actually checked out a Enscape License within my office?

    Plus it would be great if the Enscape License administrator could actually force take back a Enscape Licence from a user.

    Thanking you in advance