Big problem for Rhino - how to setup materials of a complex assembly?

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  • Hi,

    since years I'm using VfR for rendering large, complex scenes based on linked blocks. Now, I tried to setup a rendering of a train interior per Enscape. I run in the problem, that dozen of linked block files are using a "white wall" material and I need to adjust the color at the assembly file (the train). It looks like Rhino doesn't allow to edit the materials of linked blocks at the assembly file. An Enscape solution is needed like it is standard at Vray for Rhino.

    At VfR I used at all linked blocks the same material name for the walls and was able to edit the material at the main file. Please try to find a solution for Enscape too. I hope it's possible.

    Here my request at the Rhino forum for this worflow probem - no solution in sight.…he-assembly-file/53659/18