Match Screenshots with Revit View

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    tisaacson , welcome to our Forum. I can understand the frustration of not having such a feature, but that would also prove itself to be technically difficult to implement because as you said, on other screens the cropped region in Revit will differ from one machine to the next, or even from one project to the next.

    When you create a view with Revit, we usually recommend increasing/resizing the viewport area (in Revit) a bit until it matches the view in Enscape itself - this should be done quickly and while both won't align perfectly, the results will be much closer and better to work with.

  • Why don't you create the Revit view from Enscape and then lock the Revit view? Keep in mind that the view angle, aspect ratio, location and orientation of the Revit Camera provides limited feedback compared to the camera in Enscape. For example the Enscape camera is in first person mode so you can see what you're capturing when creating a view. On the other hand, the Revit camera is placed in third person and you can't see what is in the view until you've placed the camera (at which time you must tediously adjust the view).