Disclaimer watermark for Standalone exe

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  • Some of my clients have expressed a concern about sending standalone exe files without some sort of disclaimer in the image stating this may be a work in progress and not representative of 'as built' construction for legal purposes. Would it be possible to add some form of customizable watermark we could embed in the standalone file that states this?

  • Good call and I did try this but I think it might work better as a watermark. The options I can get by doing that are for inserting images (no text only) into the loading screen, a permanent image in certain locations, and changing the title of the window. We could make it work in a pinch by putting our disclaimer into an image file but might not be visible at all resolutions. While I didn't test an image file here with transparency, I noted that the image I did use to test didn't scale with the window. So my 640x480 test image stayed 640x480 no matter how large or small I scaled the window. That might be a bug though. Also, the loading screen is pretty quick (or we just have really fast machines...) and you probably wouldn't be able to read the text anyway.

    I guess an alternative might be to have some kind of confirmation box before the model comes up that states the disclaimer with yes/no like a EULA.

  • It is not a bug, it should avoid distortions and pixelated overlays. Images with alpha channel should work too. Hope that serves your need.