Realistic Glass

  • Although i hate to create new threads in the forum, I tried and check on trello if this has been requested before but I couldn't find it.

    I find that glass material is waaaaaay too simple at the moment: it has very few parameters and lacks basic realistic features such as "generate caustics" for example. I think that in most cases this would be useless and heavy to compute, but in some cases (or for some maniac people like me) it could be a must. I suggest a check being taken into consideration only for "ultra" render quality option.

    Also, some "glass presets" such as etched, faceted, etc. (as seen in Lumion for example) could be a very useful (and cool) idea!!!

  • pibuz real realistic glass is a no-go with real-time rendering and it would increase rendering time for still renders a lot.

    An approximated solution could be possible. We'll have a look at it.

  • Thanks Jon,

    in my opinion, glass doesn't necessarily have to be "physically correct", but it should give an idea. I tried rendering an empty glass and it came out flat and absolutely fake so I had to take it out of the scene :D

    I think that flat glass such as window panes and stuff like that are good enough like they are now (although new customizable tools could be useful as I said in the previous post), but for ordinary-yet-not-that-simple objects we need a little more accuracy.

    BTW, the preview realtime calculation is spectacular as it is, I wouldn't change anything, and I don't want to clog it with realistic stuff. I'd only like to see more precision just for still renderings, in which details are mostly seen and looked at.

  • What you have there is not the filter color (where white would mean no filter) but rather the solid glass color. Instead of filtering certain wavelengths/colors you have small particles in the material which absorb or reflect light. Frosted glass usually has the properties that you modeled with your white glass.

  • @ Jon:

    i think the main issue is the one Gadget reported: at the moment, glass doesn't cast shadows, and objects are something like floating above the surfaces they're put onto ^^ you can see this effect on the glass over the table on the right side of your image. Round glasses, vases, etc. cast little shadows and concentrate the light passing through them (you perfectly know what I'm talking about), and these effects at the moment are not visualized by Enscape.

    It's not something urgent, just two cents to make this software even more interesting :)

  • I would support an option to have more realistic shadowing available as a tick box. That would be great

    Having seen how even the free version of Twilight can do it I would love to see a solution that can approximate something like this.

    (Take note however that the wood texture is vastly superior in Enscape though! :))