Ode to Carlo Scarpa

  • I've been researching and analyzing the works of the Italian Master architect Carlo Scarpa and felt inclined to have a little fun and design a concept using similar style and aesthetics. Most ideas stemmed from his Olivetti and Brion Tomb and Sanctuary. I may produce more images from the model later.



    All modeled in SketchUp.

    Attached is the model in white mode to understand geometries. :)

  • Thanks!

    Johann, for the volumetric lighting, I modeled a simple grate and let the atmosphere do the rest with fog, bloom, and sun sliders up. I used an hdri map for a higher dynamic range. (I hope this answered your question)

    Wow wonderful concept!!!

    Although the fridge is no Scarpian at all :D:D:D

    Hahah I couldn't find a scarpian fridge in the warehouse 😆

  • Hi Steve Such a beautiful work congratulations¡

    Just have a few questions... how did u manage to make some materials look like u have specular, bump or reffl glossines map?

    For example in the table wich has a book on top of it... how did u manage to achive those refleccions?:/?(

    For what i know ( maybe am a little outdated ) theres no way to this day , that we can use those kind of maps att least in sketchup.

    Excelent job¡¡:thumbsup::thumbsup:

    Grettings from México.

  • Thank you Antonio!

    Enscape releases preview versions (a.k.a. Betas) that allow users to edit materials with bump and reflection channels. Check at the bottom of the download page.

    For the table, I'm using a reflection map of the wood I used. And on top of that, I merged it with a surface imperfection using blend option "screen" in photoshop so that it produces a more realistic effect.

    From what I hear, Enscape will release a stable version that includes the material editor very soon.

    Thanks Again,