Reflection in mirror?

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  • Hello. Getting same reflection issues, but i am happy with this newly founded software. In my opinion this one of the best rendering / presentation engine up today. Easy to use, simple as paint, great render image and lots of time saver in a workflow. Looking forward for new possibilities, bug fixes and wishing you well. (Using sketchup and enscape)

  • Hi, I also have problems with mirrors. Sometimes an accurate reflection makes all the difference in a scene. I also understand the issues with performance. But for still images, it would be great if there is a "true reflections" button or a type of mirror-only material. In my opinion, the enscape is simply great, but this problem is causing the enscape to appear not to be a complete rendering solution because you can not render Mirrors correctly or satisfactorily, which is bad, since mirrors are frequently seen in architecture .

  • hi there,

    i can only second and third all requests for mirrors...

    we are specifically using enscape to show design proposals to clients in vr and as 360° renders.. and interiors without proper reflections are just really really bad :/

    i really hope that you can catch up to the competition and provide us fast with a proper mirror for offline renders, stills and 360°s and later on maybe with true raytraced mirrors ... rtx etc ...

    its a abstolute must have and should be priorisation numero uno ... and directly after that a generall higher end rendering mode for stills and 360... its no problem to wait for 4-5 seconds what is now immediate... if only we proper real mirrors then...

    i hope you hear my cries :)

    win 10 | 3080ti | intel 12900k | 64 gig ram | asus mainboard | ssd 980 pro | valve index | dual asus proart 4k monitor

    drawing stuff with vectorworks, modelling stuff with sketchup, rendering inside blender/cinema4d with corona render

    & ofc using enscape and lately d5 and also a little ue5 :)

    best of all > experiencing stuff in VR with enscape !!

  • ...the concept of Artlantis Render Studio is also very effective and smart, I think. There you can assign a numerical distance to any reflecting thing - everything that is outside this distance gets no longer considered in the calculation. This same concept also applies to all artificial light sources.
    (if you do not name any distances there, reflections or light sources wuld have a theoretically infinite effect which would be absurd and would overstrain the render times)

  • Bluegap, BarryFishFinger, miguelgba, bsfranza, Saveras - Twinmotion is effectively pre-baking the reflections, whereas we are not. Enscape is using BVH hierarchies to calculate what to reflect, but this also means that reflections are perspectively accurate all the time, meaning occlusions are correct. Granted we do have some issues at present, but the developers are aware of these and are working on fixing them as soon as possible. Believe me, we know how important reflections are for you guys and how important it is to have accurate reflections in your projects, but please remember real time ray tracing is the holy grail of rendering and is still bleeding edge. But yes, improvements to this are a constant area of work.

  • Reflection in mirror?

    Version: 2.6.1+13260

    Is this issue really appearing in 2.6.1 version? As known the newest version has attained good off-screen reflection algorithms so that this situation in principle can not happen again right now.

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    Reflection in mirror?

    I'm afraid, even with our latest version this behavior can still be normal - we did greatly improve the reflection quality in general with 2.6, but especially high-poly models may still only be displayed partially, if at all in off/on-screen reflections. You could try to reduce the polygon count of the models which are not being displayed, as that may help, and/or you can also gladly send me the project to check out, just to also make sure that this behavior is normal, and to let you know why this occurring exactly.

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    Good to hear that, JacksonH . We're definitely working on that.