Save Enscape settings with scene.

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  • +13. This is almost a deal killer for me. I really enjoy most of the workflow aspects of Enscape but with six to eight projects in design at one time having to constantly reload and re rotate appropriate sky-boxes and all other settings eliminates any design rendering continuity. I've taken to making screen captures of my settings tabs per project model and sometimes per view. A laborious work around. Id be happy to save as a separate file outside of SU but I don't see the Properties tab previously mentioned.

    Please make this a priority.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  • You can save the settings, and you can assign saved settings to scenes...

    BUT the settings will only be loaded into a scene when you click "Batch Render" or manually load them again. They will not be applied to your current view when you change scenes.

  • As much as this is an improvement to the scene settings in general, it still falls far short of the mark in terms of usability. Seeing the settings update in the Enscape viewer when switching scenes would improve my workflow immeasurably! It's a no-brainer as far as I'm concerned.

    I'm getting the distinct impression from this thread and other similar threads, that Enscape developers are resistant to adding this functionality for some reason.

    Please, someone at Enscape, correct me if I'm wrong.

  • The developer have added a big numnber of changings since the first versions. I think it is only a matter of time, evidently it's more difficult than we imagine, having graphic presets automatically stored in SketchUp scenes.

    I'd like to add my upvote to this, though, since the current software architecture forces me to workarounds to remind me to manually exchange preset.

  • The limitations will be on the sketchup side not Enscape, if Sketchup saved its scene data in a Json or similar format then it’d be a simple case of adding an unlimited number of additional key names and values but I doubt they use such an open format.

    SketchUp existed long before addons such as Enscape ever saw light and I’d put money on the schema used to save a scene is almost as old as SketchUp itself. There’s obviously some capacity to save data beyond the std SketchUp data (camera, shadows, layer visibility etc) but not enough to store all the stuff we’d like for Enscape.

    The fact that Enscape can store as much as it does in the skp file is an achievement and I expect more in the future but what really needs to happen is for an overhaul of SketchUp’s data storage method so that third parties like Enscape can go to town with saving stuff.

  • + Also for saving Visual settings with scenes. As a new user I was confused on opening an older project to see my lighting be completely different. I get it's a Sketchup limitation but it would be great if it would save when you make a new Enscape Scene if it could automatically add the link and save it to presets.

  • Thank you all very much for the feedback. We do consider implementing dedicated Settings per view where the settings come into affect even when just cycling between views. I'll let our developers furthermore that there is an ever increasing demand for this, thank you all!

  • Agreed. I have a real hard time managing views and client expectations when the views are not the the same as the last render and it is so hard to keep track of everything that is not included in the scene settings and then you have so many of them to manage as well. All settings saved (including focal distance etc..) with a scene would be a huge timesaver rather than recreating a lot of that every time.