Materials in rhino / editor / limitations

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  • Hello,

    I have to admit that I am quite amazed by the results I get out of enscape, which are not on par (yet...?) compared to my current engine (octane ) but given the very limited options the outcome is impressive.

    However, I have not been able to use enscape for a real comercial project up to now, there is just too much missing (objects not being reflected, splochiness in the renderings, etc....) the main problem however IMHO is the limited control over Material properties we have at the moment. In my understanding it is limited to the rhino materials options (which are a joke IMHO...)

    I think the best solution would be an enscape material editor, which should at least support the following features:

    - possibility to assign maps for each slot (diffuse, reflectance, glossiness, bump, opacity, if possible normalmaps)

    - multipliers for the influence of the maps, controls for brightness, hue and saturation, ideally also gamma

    - support for fresnel reflections, IOR for reflections

    - support for something to simulate sss e.g. frosted glas

    - if possible optional refraction

    - later maybe displacement, mix materials, procedural noises, anisotropy etc.

    I know that you will probably tell me this is not possible because of the performance hit, but why not widen the quality slider to one more settings "ultra realistic" or whatever... this won't be for RT but right now a 8k rendering takes about 30 seconds on my machine, I would not mind 5-10 minutes, that would still bevery fast for a 8k rendering IMHO... or is this a general shortcoming of the kernel?

    That would be a shame...

    Don't get me wrong , for RT it is really nice but I alway think something like this:

    "This is like 65% the quality get from a 4 hour octane rendering in 30 seconds! I really would like to invest 5 more minutes rendering time to get to 80 % or even 20 minutes to get to 85%..."



  • I completely agree with Andreas. The software has GREAT potential and is one of the most powerful tools I've seen around, considered it to be a realtime engine. Having an option to "load" the powerful machine most users nowadays have for stills to get best reflections, refractions and stuff is totally worth it!

  • Thanl you for your feedback. We will work towards improving that. Regarding the screenshot export size: we will unlock the maximum to much higher resolutions soon. Other areas like materials and reflection quality are subject to upcoming improvements.