White background option

  • A neutral colour for the background makes you see both highlights and shadows better; if it's white the highlights on the edge loose definition and vanish into the background. If it's black, the shadows drop into the background and the model looses definition.

  • To echo & add - I almost always only show models on screen with black backgrounds (ala Navisworks) as they read much clearer. But I'd also love to have (as requested elsewhere before) .png alpha for exports, AND be rid of the cloud box in white mode (I know there's an-all-white skybox workaround-for-that, but, yeah, but...)

  • I would love to have the option as well to set the background/atmosphere color to black. I am working with holographic projections of Revit based 3D models and need a back black with my animations. Right now I have to save to FBX import to 3Ds Max recreated my animation and cameras use the FBX to AE plugin and rebuild the model in After Effects. (all just to get the animation with a black background). The Enscape animation is perfect except for the lack of ability to change the background color. Is this something that will be supported by Enscape soon?

  • I would love to have the option as well to set the background/atmosphere color to black.

    I have a workaround for you - place a large black sphere around your scene and set render quality to Medium or Draft. Now, you get a black background, but lighting and reflection by the skybox. I hope the Medium quality works for your need. I used this trick some times to get light into closed spaces, like large shops. I'm not sure which parameters are internal set by "Medium", since we don't have control over detailed settings. Also I hope the behavior of the "Medium" quality will not be changed in the future and destroy this workflow.

    I hope a custom background color will be implement in the future, but it seems to be very difficult to implement, so we need to be patient.

  • mskinnerarch , thanks a lot for your request and welcome to our forum! The ability to set your own background color is already filed as a feature request on our agenda. I've just added an upvote to that topic through your voice. :) In the meantime, check out the workaround provided by Micha , maybe this already helps?

  • Micha,

    Thanks for this workaround as it is definitely a good start! The medium quality should suffice since I have already been loosing a lot of quality with animations being compressed during exporting from After Effects so it might hold a higher resolution then what I have been able to produce thus far!



  • I'm not sure you know what the quality slider do. I'm not sure too, but so far I understand, it limits the GI bounces and such things. You will not see additional noise or artifacts, if understand right. So, maybe you skip the workaround for the wrong reasons. ;)