Accessibility of commands from the Enscape window

  • Hi all,

    I would like to request that we have a little better access to the enscape commands from the enscape window. I would prefer not to have to get lost in amy revit ribbon and search for commands but be able to access those from the enscape window. This is helpful for people with single monitors particularly. But it also would lead to a discussion about what hot keys are able to be used from the encape environment. I think the following commands should be accessed by hotkey:

    • Create key frame
    • Screenshot (already exists)
    • Switch to white or light mode
    • Create revit view
    • Change view from list available
    • Etc
  • I would like to be able to set (and save) a whole control-key set, including navigation: the number of times I draw Arcs, Scale, Erase and Rotate (Q) in SU when coming from Enscape is stupid. (Same with the number of times I zoom through the model in Enscape when coming from SU)

  • We're continuously trying to move functionality from the settings window to the Enscape window + hotkeys.

    For example, in the preview version, you can press K to create a new keyframe.

    Here's some documentation:…scape-keyboard-shortcuts/