Animation tools

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  • Dear Enscape,

    Again congrats on such an amazing tool. I have been working professionally with Sketchup+Vray for 3 years and just a few weeks after switching to Enscape I have already wrapped 2 projects with very happy clients who didn't think I could produce animations so quickly.

    BUT...the animation tool is way too basic. SU animation is already pretty awful so what are the plans on implementing a better animation system in Enscape?

    Ideally several way points but of course if you guys see a way of doing more advanced animation technique (could we draw a circle, path in sketchup and have the camera follow it?) that would take the animation to the next level.

    Looking forward to this!


  • Yuo definitely have to try our fresh preview version which you can find at the download page ;)

    You are now able to configure a camera path for video production using multiple keyframes with several varying parameters per keyframe.
    Or wait a couple of weeks untill we release next stable version which will contain this feature.