3DConnexion 3D Mouse

  • I have a 3D mouse working on one machine perfectly, but on my own laptop everything is reversed between SU and Enscape (move right and it goes left, up and it goes down...) - there doesn't seem to be any settings for Enscape in the 3DConnection Properties - just SU.

    Anyone else experienced this (and resolved it?)

  • Gadget There is a "Invert SpaceMouse" setting in the Input tab of the Enscape settings.

  • Poll question: for those using the 3D Connection Spacemouse, do you prefer to have "Invert Spacemouse" checked or unchecked?

    I learned to use this spacemouse "unchecked"- meaning push right and you move right, pull up and you elevate. Then I bought about 10 more for the rest of my office and the out-of-the-box is the opposite? What's the preferred method? I hate to re-learn this thing but I don't want to sit at somebody else's desk and suddenly be unable to navigate the model...

  • I recently began testing a 3DConnexion mouse in Enscape, and after tweaking the settings, I am enjoying the navigation with one exception. I don't seem to have the ability to move smoothly forward and rotate my direction at the same time. Every time I want to rotate my heading, I need to come to a stop and rotate my direction. Has anyone else experienced this navigation? Is there a setting I am missing that may help adjust this movement?

  • The problem I have with my 3D Connexion Spacemouse is that Enscape works the opposite of what I have set in Sketchup. So I have to check or uncheck all of the 'reverse' buttons whenever moving between the two programs..(very annoying). I dont really navigate in Enscape anymore because of it...I just sync camera and navigate through sketchup during presentations.

    Is this regular behavior or is its some kind of bug? Probly something to take up with 3D Connexion, I reckon....