Big wish : pipette for material selection

  • normally I work with the octane render engine. One of octanes most underrated features IMHO, which is speeding up my workflow tremendously, is the ability to use a pipette on the rendered viewport to select a material. This is incredibly helpful, I use it all the time, it is a really a great companion feature for RT based render engines, since you can tune your materials in seconds without having to click on any items to find out what material they use, then select these in the material editor... you get the idea...

    When I switch to enscape, I somehow feel like my arms are brocken concerning this aspect, so I would really like to see it here too!

    It is a little hard to describe, but once you used it you dont want to go back...



  • Hi Micha, No it is much much better, you use the pipette function like this:

    once your render window opens, you can select from different tools, which your mouse cursor can fulfill e.g. pick a whitepoint as a reference grey (handy) , pick a focus point (very handy) or pick a material (superhandy!) .

    So if you would choose the material picker, the function is sticky, meaning you can simply click in your rendered viewport , and you have select a material (obviously the one where you clicked on...) now you can directly edit the material, the viewport will update on the fly... when you are finished you click on the next material you want to tune... it works very fluently and saves dozens of mouse clicks ...

  • actually this is not 100% tied to the development of a native enscape material editor ( while I do agree we need one ASAP... ).

    If you pick on a material, the editor with the selected material would pop up , whether it is the rhino editor or even better the yet to come new editor.