since 2/26 update some Ultra res exports force Revit to Exit.

  • Several users are getting the message:

    A TDR has been detected.

    The Application must close.

    We have seen this for a few folk (not everyone does ultra res). They all run the same hardware as in the attached journal. So far, we cannot find any common trigger that is causing the issue. I just tested it on an unrelated machine: surface book 2 with and without using the Nvidia gtx1060 card and it exports fine for Nvidia. I could only get it crash using the Intel video but only after several exports. The users who crash have their Intel video disabled in bios.

  • What do you mean with "ultra res". Ultra is not a resolution, it's a quality setting. I assume you talk about 8K resolution? The version you are using is relevant. It is necessary to tell it or use the Send feedback button inside of Enscape. You don't have to upload your logs here, if you send feedback, they are attached. You are probably using a preview version. If you use a resolution larger than 4K, a little warning appears that says, that it may lead to instabilities if you run our of GPU memory. That probably happened.