Possible Bug - Constant Animation Speed with New Animation System

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  • Can anyone confirm if the animation option "constant" with the new animation system is producing constant camera rotation? My tests with Sketchup and the last preview version ( release candidate) for a 2 point animation showed that the camera rotation was not constant... and instead was a slow, fast, slow effect (easing). The camera movement seemed to be constant.

    If you set up a 2 point animation where the 2nd camera is both moved and rotated to a look at a different angle, it should be obvious. Try viewing the same path in sketchup whose motion is constant and there will be an obvious difference if you are experiencing the same.

    My use case is the following.... Enscape does not produce material id passes for animation, or allow for animated textures (for tv screens, etc) Both can be achieve by duplicating the animation path and exact fov / framesize in another animation package for those elements only, and using the Enscape animation as the main beauty pass. However, this can only be achieved with a truly constant motion.

    I posted this as a comment on the Preview Version thread, but it was not responded to and that post is now deleted.

    Is this expected behavior for the constant option?

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  • It is for a constant camera speed. If you insert keyframes with different orientation close to each other the rotation will be faster compared to keyframes with a wider distance.

  • Have you used the different options "Smooth" and "shaky cam"?

    You should see the difference.

    Constant: Constant movement speed of the camera. The time between keyframes dependes on the distance between them.

    Smooth: The Camera starts slow and accelerates afterwards and slows down at the end.

    Shaky cam: The camera is shaky.

    So if you want to have a slow and constant transition between to points set the option to constant and reduce the movement speed of the camera.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    I believe my question was not clear. Here is another way of asking.

    With Constant option between 2 scenes, is the motion intended to be exactly like Sketchup's default motion between two scenes?

    I am seeing a difference which looks like a non-constant rotation. The rotation is exhibiting an easing.

    The old 2 point animation method matches sketchups motion exactly.

    Is this the intended function for the new animation system or a bug?

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  • Please explain more about the problem itself.

    1. Why is it important for you that the movement of the Enscape Video functionality matches the transition movement between SketchUp scenes exactly?

    If the old function was matching the SU movement this was not intended as the old functionality was implemented before the support of SketchUp.

  • Thanks very much for the responses.

    Simon Weinberger

    I was referring to the constant nature of the speed of motion and camera rotation. Sketchup starts its motion and camera rotation at full speed and ends at full speed. You are correct that the camera translation is not in a straight path. I assume this is what you mean by roll.

    Jonathan Knoefel

    My example of sketchup was only for clarification but it apparently failed miserably ;) My goal is to match the motion I was getting before with Enscape. I cannot achieve that with the current camera system. Before motion and camera rotation were constant and now they are not. I have developed production workflows that depend on the type of motion Enscape was using before. Is there any way I can match the old motion between two points?

    If you need me to produce an example using both I can, but currently I am slammed so it will take me some time. It also requires me installing 2 different versions of enscape which I am hesitant to do while in the middle of production. I am sticking with the old version for now.

    There are many applications for this functionality. The one I am using it for currently is to add animated objects to an environment created in Enscape.

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  • I am going to latch onto this thread if possible; since my problem is similar. A complete newbie here, by the way - so please bear with me.

    While creating a short video from SU, with the tests I did last week all of the before - mentioned settings (constant, steady-cam, smooth) were working - as well as slider in capture settings that allowed me to set the duration of the video were working. The movement was set to constant, I set the duration to approx 30s and it worked like a charm.

    However, yesterday, when I needed to prepare the video for the client - suddenly, the movement (smooth; shaky, etc.) seemed to be stuck on smooth; with an extremely long intro and outro, and the middle part in between was just a jumpy buzz. And, also, the timing slider seems to be replaced with movement speed - where the video duration setting seemed to be?

    Did you guys delete the duration option altogether or is this just a glitch?

    Thanks ina dvance,


    BTW - seriously cool plugin; will be using it a lot in the future.

  • We are here :) Video duration slider was replaced with the camera movement speed slider, that's true. A more sophisticated and flexible option is under construction and will be available in updates soon.

    Regarding your flight smoothing problem - we'll check it and report results here.

  • renderwiz  Jezz

    Checked right now with the latest release - I could not reproduce your problem. Camera moves with the constant speed when "Constant" is selected in settings.

    Please descrbe how to reproduce it step by step.