Audio; Foot-falls

  • I like that you can embed audio like birds in the trees or running water or crowd noises, but I think that it would really immerse you in the VR experience if you heard foot-falls (when in "Walkthrough mode" rather than "Fly mode")

    - Volume control

    - Slider between "Stiletto" and "Moccasin" for footwear

    - Only hear when moving, sound relative to speed.

    - Sounds linked to Key-word defaults for the material you are over; "Grass", "Metal", "Water" etc. (New one: "Wood")

    - The 'reflectiveness' of a material passing over would directly correspond to the 'sharpness' and echo of the steps.

    As an 'addon' to this feature you could link a sound to "teleporting" when in VR (Star-trek, whoosh, etc.)