Render Quality; Revit 2018

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  • Hello,

    I am curious as to peoples experience with rendering quality, specifically when in the live 3D environment. I've played with the basic settings built into the Enscape plug-in, and I feel pretty confident about the materials library I have, but I'm still not getting the same high-quality output I see in screenshots on the Enscape gallery page.

    There are no artificial lights in the architectural model I'm working in, but a pretty decent amount of natural day-light and the materials I've created in Revit are mostly high-res scans of actual materials if not high-res product images from manufacturers.

    What am I missing to generate a more photo-realistic output?

  • Show us what you achieved so far and we might be able to help. There are many tutorials on YT etc with tutorials on Enscape and Revit.

    Use a horizon preset in Enscape and check if your material colors align with albedo real world material intensities. There will be a tutorial on that soon.

  • Rendering is all about light and materials, so my guess is you need to have lights in your revit model to have realistic results. And you need to know how to make realistic materials with bump maps in the revit material editor. If you have those two things, then enscape images will look awesome.

  • The bumps make the world of difference for me. Try different settings for glossiness , reflectivity and brightness for your materials. I find this helps as well.

    Checkout Enscape's Revit Material Test Project as well. It's free for download. Awesome content.

  • Checkout Enscape's Revit Material Test Project as well. It's free for download. Awesome content.

    Good idea, thanks for mentioning. Here's the link:

  • Thanks all, this is super helpful. I figured the two items were materials and lighting; i'm working on seeing if we can get some artificial lights in our next project. Materials - i've got solid base images, but haven't utilized bumps as much as maybe I could. I'll keep playing with it and see what I can come up with! Thanks again!