Frosted glass doesn't work - what did I wrong? (and more questions for glass)

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  • Here I read that it should work, but ...

    Keyword "Frosted"

    An other question for glass - I can set a transparency color for glass, but color transparency maps doesn't work. Last my client was looking for a drink glasses with color gradient. Is it not implemented yet or a bug? Maybe the transparency map slot is needed for cut out effects. Couldn't the diffuse color/texture be used as tint for glass?

    And during my last project I found, that "Watermelons" can be quite strange looking. :) But the keyword "water" gave me a nice solid glass look. So, why is this solid glass look not available for "glass" and how could I archive it for glass (so that I don't get waves)?

  • I have also used the keyword 'water' as a glass material.

    It would be nice to have greater control over aspects of the glass and the water but I think more importantly I would need the refractive index to be an input dialogue box to push it even further. (For Example the refractive index of bottle glass is around 1.52, but Enscape's setting at 1.5 just doesn't bend the light enough.)

    attached image is a bottle with refractive index at 1.5 and you can see there is no visibility of the glass behind. There is a seperate container in the liquid material

    I understand that real time rendering might suffer, but your product is so good at producing 'stills' or screenshots, I will be using it for that, not for exporting movie files (for now at least).

    My friend has potential jobs waiting for me if I can produce high quality glass and liquid (he works for a drinks marketing company no less!) and at the moment I just cannot use Enscape for this.

    It's such a fantastic product. I would love it to be my main render program