Don't want to hide the On-Screen Help every time you start Enscape? Here's how to do it!

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    I see lots of videos and screenshots with activated On-Screen Help.

    While this overview is useful for beginners and can serve as a compact introduction to the movement in Enscape, it's definitely not necessary in your every day work to be reminded what keys to use to be able to move around.
    Of course you can always press 'H' to hide this chart - but you'll have to do it every time you start Enscape, which is pretty cumbersome after a while, and so people tend to leave it active and end up having this unattractive grey square in their videos they've created with Enscape.

    However, there's an easy way to simply deactivate the On-Screen Help once and for all!

    Simply go to the Enscape Settings -> 'Advanced' Tab. Here you can deactivate the setting 'Show On-Screen Help And Icons On Startup'. Next, hit the small [+] icon at the top to create a new custom setting - that's it! This setting will be chosen from now on by default, so you won't have to manually hide the On-Screen Help by yourself ever again. Of course, you can always activate it by pressing 'H' if you want to look up a particular control. ;)

    You can even share this setting easily with your coworkers! Take a look at this knowledgebase article to learn how!