Import Trees and Vegetion that Enscape will display

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  • Our firm has been searching for trees and vegetation that we like for some time now. The default trees (the ones found in the RPC sample project) are a bit clumsy to us....though a few are presentable.

    There are several wonderful plugins for 3ds Max or for Unreal Engine...etc. I am wondering if there is a tutorial somewhere that lays out how to import trees from these platforms for use in Enscape->Revit.

    Will Enscsape have issues with these models? Are there steps to convert these models into something Enscape will be happy with?

    I've seen people refer to certain trees as not being optimized for it possible to optimize a custom imported model or are we still waiting on this sort of feature?

    I know there are several threads on this issue but some of them deal with Sketchup or have been resolved by solutions we are not happy with. I'm hoping to figure out how to get custom vegetation into Enscape even if I have to do it the "hard way"

    To give an example of what we like....Laubwerks, Speed Tree (I know a previous post referenced this), Xfrog, and I'm sure there are more.

    I will apologize in advance if any of these work already but I've had trouble finding documentation of it.

    Thanks! :thumbsup: