Wish: Better Compression for Videos

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  • I am curious if you guys are considering adding an option for better video compression in the near future. It is not shown on the trello board.

    I am editing a video currently and the heavy compression of the videos being saved is currently very limiting. There are already compression artifacts in the output videos, which only become worse when edited.

    Even for those who are not editing and just want to upload a clean video to Youtube / Vimeo the compression should be better. It is recommended that when uploading to web video accounts one use minimal compression to compensate for the automatic compression that will happen on their end.

    Outputting to 4K helps some, but is not affecting the root of the problem which is that Enscape is currently throwing away good pixels by saving with too high of a compression setting.

    Thank you,


  • Whilst I'm inclined to agree with the ideal of a one-stop-shot, as with some requests hoping Enscape cater for production-ready static outputs, I can't help but think it best Enscape focus development on the raw content creation first, and leave post-processing in the hands of other, more competent and established workflows. Handbrake, and applications of it's ilk, are free and geared specifically toward this task.

  • I think we agree :)

    To be clear, my request is to add another Highest/Ultra/SuperDuper quality option, to allow us to save less compressed, cleaner videos (ie. Save a 400 MB mp4 instead of 20 MB mp4 )

    This would be useful both for producing raw content (great beauty passes... as I use it for) or one stop shop (for those who don't need further editing) For either purpose the current Highest quality setting is not high enough.

    ..and providing the option of exporting a sequence of still images would be even better. But if we can't have the option to export a sequence of still images, at least give us the highest possible quality mp4s.