Update website and examples

  • Hi,

    Is it an idea to update the website with new examples, movies, tutorials to explain the effective way to use Enscape, latest version with its newest posibilities, such a the use of grass, mirror, lighting and materials? I also have to teach/refer the examples to other Revit and Sketchup users in our company, and I want that they look for themselves at an actual website.

    Tnx, and, keep up the good work!


  • I agree on a good, slick website with a gallery, knowledge base section and even an overview that explains how stuff works, cannot say Escape needs official tutorials right now as it's a moving object, every version changes and adds functionality so they'd have to essentially remake the tutorials after every update.

  • Thanks for your feedback!

    We're looking forward to optimize our support channels.

    We want to bring up new tutorials, update older ones, update and enhance our knowledgebase over the next months....so I'll hope you gonna like it!