Wrong Reflections Around Highpoly Objects

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  • Hi,

    this is a problem that I've faced before but this time I realized that it is related with the highpoly object.

    When I hide the proxy object the reflection is like the left one. Also the wrong reflection shows up just around the object, if I move the 3dperson the reflection is moving with it.

    Is this a common problem or bug, or it is becouse of my hardware?

    enscape version is the latest released preview version.


    intel core i7-4790 4.00ghz

    32gb ram

    geforce gtx 970 4gb

  • It's not because the person is a high poly object, it's because the wall behind is a high poly object and is not included in the global structure to be intersected with rays, therefore you see the sky leaking through. You could for example place a square behind/inside it to prevent the sky leaking through. That should help.

    We're currently in the process of improving this behavior, it will probably be much better in the next release.