Cant Purchase through web store

  • every-time i try to purchase on the web store...i get bounced back in a loop at the confirm stage....tried multiple payment methods

    Edit - im based in the uk

    I showed a client a project with your awesome software - and now i really need to purchase as im now under a dealine.arrrgghhh there any other way to do this without using the web store



  • Hi Jamie,

    our current payment provider doesn't approve Electronic Cash payment from the UK.

    Please try changing your payment gateway to Paypal for now. We are already working on providing another payment gateway for our UK based customers.

    Thank you for your patience.

  • Hey

    No joy i'm afraid...tried with edge and firefox and paypal again

    i have also contacted my bank account provider to check there are no issues with my account and online payments - all good with this

    i emailed you guys at the address provided above...would be very grateful for a quick response and turnaround....i have a client breathing down my neck