Stereo Panorama not rotating correctly

  • Hi.

    I have created a stereo pano from Revit 2018 which processes okay. I have uploaded it to the cloud and can rotate around it in my web browser without problem.

    I can scan the QR code to view on my phone and I can see the image, but when I rotate my phone the image does not rotate laterally (left to right). It rotates up and down correctly however.

    I've tried this twice now and get the same result.

    I created one a couple of weeks ago that worked fine and I haven't changed any settings on my phone so I'm a bit puzzled.

    Any suggestions?

  • Okay, I've figured out that the problem is my chrome browser as I tried to view the older stereo panos from a couple of weeks ago and they didn't work either.

    I installed Firefox and set it as default web browser and I can rotate around just fine.

    Chrome must have auto updated on my phone with some sort of glitch that prevents correct viewing of stereo panos.


  • We're aware of that issue and are working on a fix that it works with all currently used mobile/desktop browsers.