3d panorama / 3d viewer around object - orient around object

  • Hi Enscape team,

    for some presentations it would be really helpful if we could have the options to lock the camera target / focus so the cleint can only orient around an object

    or even for the panorama exporter. hope you have some ideas for that

  • Perhaps a soft boundary limit - you can only move a distance x from the extents of the model? (Like you can only fall x from the model if in walk mode)

    And maybe a camera pull or 'gravity' that will gently start to move the direction the camera is pointing back to the centre (or a focal point) if left for y seconds. Or the camera moves slowly to the closest point on a pre-defined camera path (or orbit) that it will continue to follow unless there is navigation movement from the user. (<- this would be really cool to leave running as a 'presentation' mode in a showroom.)

    (I'm only suggesting these options be turned on for the EXE or other presentation modes that a client gets to handle)