Enable VR - Camera Angle other than 90?

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  • The scale of objects appears to be off or at least too distorted in my Vive when I'm in really tight spaces. I've run the room scale setup multiple times, so the calibration should be correct. The camera angle looks to always default to 90 degrees even if I change the camera for the 3D starting view in Revit. Anyway to adjust this for a more natural viewing experience in VR? Also, I don't see any difference when I select "seated" versus "scale model" in the options, does this toggle really do anything?

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    Hi angelo_arch

    the field of view is solely defined by the VR headset's hardware: the size of the screen(s) and the properties of the lenses. Therefore the field of view setting in Enscape doesn't have any effect while VR is enabled, as the VR headset itself dictates us which angle to use (Htc Vive and Oculus rift both have around 110°). If we'd modify that your view in the VR headset would be off.

    I don't see any difference when I select "seated" versus "scale model" in the options, does this toggle really do anything?

    There are a couple of differences between seated VR and roomscale VR when it comes to navigation:

    • When seated is active we use a fixed spectator height (which you can define in the settings) when in walkmode or when teleporting (otherwise you'd have to move around your building with your head position beeing on chair height)
    • When roomscale is active your height in VR equals your real-world height (from the ground) which usually gives a better feel of scale in the scene and allows more natural movement - however not everyone has the space to setup a roomscale tracking area.
    • To avoid dizziness we also adjusted the controls in roomscale VR slightly. For example turning around via controller joystick is disabled, as we want to encourage doing the actual turning movement in the real-world, which usually gives non VR-expert users less motion sickness.
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    items in very tight spaces are distorted to the point that the scale looks off while in Enscape. I've re-run the room scale setup multiple times.

    The room scale setup just defines your tracking area and won't have any visual effect (apart from the border overlay when you get too close to the border of the area). The perspective distortion is of course higher than your standard field of view you usually have in screenshots, but scale should look natural. For example the controllers should look (perspectively) exactly the same when you hold them in front of your eyes regardless if you're wearing the HMD or not.