Enscape - experiences of the last weeks (bugs and missed features)

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  • Hi,

    during the last weeks I did a lot of tests and a few commercial projects. First - Enscape is a phantastic tool with a great potential!!! But there are some strong issues and this cause a lot of trouble, so that the work with Enscape cause some headaches. Here a list of issues I noted during my last work and that are very missed. I hope it can be fixed soon. I wished, no new additional features would be added before this issues are fixed.

    For example (3) - it's reported since weeks that the virtual spectator is to fat. So, I press the space bar and camera jump from train interior corridor to the top of the wagon.

    Per HMD it is possible to mark a place in the model and the camera teleport to this place. But per mouse and PC screen the teleportation cause a jump at ground height. So, the only comfortable way on the PC screens through an interior is to save a dozen of cameras and use the page up/down button. But if the final client would try to move per mouse than it is a disaster!!! It's really frustrating. The mouse control needs much more attention. And using the arrow keys is like walking like a 60s robot. And without fixed camera height ... . Also if the fixed spectator height is working, than a 3D person on the corridor or glass door and the walk is stopped again. (Could the user not go through by pressing an additional butten like Ctrl?)

    Before I started my last project I had to make a difficult decision - will the very limited materials good enough for my clients? This question is really hard! And so I was not able to create simple color textured glass and semi transparent milky glass room dividers. Milky glass - white plastic with transparency at 30% - impossible. Full bottles of wine at the shelf - impossible, only empty bottles. Interior designers love materials and it's so hard to fail on basic materials. Please, try to enhance the materials.

    Please don't be upset if my words should sound to harsh. Sorry. It's such a problem to find solutions under the pressure of a tight dead line. On the other side the wonderful fast Enscape output is the only way to get a projects finished, dozen of interior images can be rendered in the last hour before project end. No problem, if the client needs some changes in the last minutes.


    * (1) Material ID doesn't show DOF effect

    * (2) Material ID doesn't show the same color for all objects with the same material

    * (3) Mouse navigation through standalone VR is a pain on the PC screen (f.ex. virtual spectator is to fat for train interiors, space button cause jumps on the ceiling; using mouse to jump to a place cause camera height of a few centimeters, ...)

    * (4) taking a screenshot turn off the Rhino sun (workflow trouble)

    * (5) lens length not save to Enscape views (problem for standalone, batch render, animation)

    * (6) emissive effect can't be used for transparent materials

    * (7) screenshot output depends on Rhino viewport ratio (workflow trouble)

    * (8) focus target not connected to Rhino cam target (workflow trouble)

    * (9) shadows are not smooth enough sometimes and smoothness can't be controlled

    * (10) reflection intensity can't be controlled between 0..100% (current implementation not enough often)

    * (11) very basic materials only, no mix of layers possible (f.ex. car paint would need diffuse, blurry metal and fresnel coat)

    * (12) transparency mapping not right working (f.ex. no colored glass walls; no simple semi transparent milk glass)

    * (13) path animation - shuttering and unsmooth movement on final video

    * (14) weak mirror reflections

    * (15) all glass objects are rendered as thin glass, no solid glass possible

    * (16) Rhino soft edge support missing

    * (17) standalone navigation boundaries missing

    * (18) Enscape setup not saved per Rhino file (workflow trouble)

    * (19) light cone not connected to Rhino spot lights

    * (20) wish: "invisible for camera" option to hide walls (without to destroy the lighting) or invisible backside per keyword, so that interior scenes can be seen from outside