Alpha channel, image sharpness and shadow sharpness?

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  • hi


    can we have a sharpness settings when exporting images? - i like crispy images :)


    is it possible to adjust the sharpness of shadows?


    is it possible to add alpha channel to exclude backgrounds when using pngs?

    i know that i could use material id for this (combine in ps), but that would be an extra step in my workflow - direct insert into indesign.



  • Jorgensen Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to create photo realistic renderings. This way some settings are automated.

    Image Sharpness

    We removed the slider as it got misused a lot and the rendering were looking bad.

    =>We already have a story for it - got your upvote

    Shadow Sharpness

    As we perform real-time ray tracing the shadows are getting softer the higher the Rendering Quality is.

    Draft mode therefor gives you the "sharpest" shadow.

    =>We will discuss it

    Alpha Channel

    What exactly is not working out with using our Material ID Channel?

    The Background is black as well. Therefor it should work the same.

    renderwiz That would be indeed powerful. I've forwarded it to our developers for internal discussion.

  • Jonathan Knoefel

    regarding alpha channel / png.

    i'm creating some isometric images of buildings 'hovering' in space - no background.

    i insert renders direct from enscape / revit into my indesign document.

    but the png is not having a transparent background when inserted into indesign or when i open it in photoshop.

    as it is now - if i need to use the alpha channel

    - open the render in photoshop

    - open the material id in photoshop

    - combine them the two images in photoshop

    - save the file

    - link the file into indesign

    it would be much easier for me just to insert the png with transparency.

    but there might be a logical argument / limit for not having the alpha channel included in the png file.

    don't misunderstand me - i'm really enjoy using encape and use it every day (well almost).



  • just to clarify

    i need to create an illustration with an indoor view, looking through the windows - where i need to insert an image from the real context.

    1 now i need to open the image (png)

    2 setup an mask for this image

    3 open the render depth file

    4 insert this as the mask

    5 insert my background image

    if only the png file contained alpha channel imformations, then i could quit step 2, 3 and 4.


  • Thanks Jorgensen, your request got filed.

    Have you tried to use a Skybox for indoor shots?