One Week In (first of a couple of commercial projects under the belt)

  • Hey Enscape Folks

    Really loving the software you guys have created here...what matters most to me is time, and the ability to tweak lighting on the fly

    its a real game changer....and my clients are over moon the most with the speed i can now iterate on projects

    Some of the modelling and textures leave a little to be desired....but the fact i can turn this around in 8 hours is mind blowing to me

    keep up the good work guys

  • Thank you for the kind words! We're happy that you like Enscape. You really seem to understand how to use it! I especially like the well calibrated materials, the ceiling for example looks very nice!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Hey Thomas

    yes the ceiling came out sweet, Enscape makes this easy now....i created a normal map from a flag texture..fairly hi rez 2048 x 2048 and scaled it up or down with your handy material editor....and voila

    looks pretty good i think

    got me thinking....if only sketchup could use DDS i do for game VR performance isn't great with Enscape ...but i suspect this down to poor optimised models my end and my fairly low end GTX1060...But i can dream....maybe one day

    Though that said the mip map levels of DDS Textures are a massive performance increase when i use the UNREAL (Sorry)

    any tips on better performance would be great


  • Mipmaps are generated automatically by Enscape, this has nothing to do with DDS. Enscape uses DDS internally, we'll check if we can add that for the Material editor.

    Regarding VR: We're currently working on various performance improvements, the VR performance will be a much better in the next release. There's not a lot you can do, beside tuning down the rendering quality (first tab on settings) or reducing geometry.