Displaying line work in SketchUp+Enscape

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  • Hello - Like so many others here, I think the software is fantastic - it's so good that it makes me think other rendering programs are deliberately bad so that we continue to pay for meager upgrades, or that you guys were given visualization and lighting algorithms from a benevolent time traveler. My list of feature-thankfulness is long so please don't take the following as being ungrateful, its merely a request.

    In SketchUp, lines drawn on surfaces, such as decking, tile patterns or grout lines, convey a lot about scale without needing to model actual geometry. When rendering stills its possible to composite a rendered output (like V-Ray) with this vector line work (from SketchUp) in Photoshop; being able to do this real time would help reinforce the space and design. In Enscape the closest feature I can find is the "outline" however (and no offense) it looks really clumsy, like a bad Photoshop filter (see attached), and also does not portray SketchUp native line work drawn on surfaces.

    One software that I can think of that creates this effect in a semi-real time, semi-rendered line work overlay, is Thea (see attached). What is the possibility of adding this quality of line work overlay into Enscape?

    Thanks again for your teams hard work in helping us all visually communicate more effectively! - Corey

  • +1. We use Revit and would love to see better support for outlines:

    - showing them even when they're very thin

    - having an option to not only show "outlines" (edges of geometry) of also displaying Revit model lines (to show tile patterns, casework divisions, ...)

    - get rid of the additional outline on round objects (we see an extra outline on every round shape (columns, table legs, ...). I see it shows up in Sketchup as well (check the light fixture in the second picture vs the sketchup view)

  • We improved the line drawing for the upcoming version, at least to the point that certain lines were missing and are now drawn correctly.

  • Sounds great Thomas!

    Has the issue where thin lines don't show up (they only show up at about 30 to 35% thickness) been solved as well? Having them show up when thin + having them show on more objects would be a big jump forward.