Studio environmet/setup

  • Exactly. A white studio with ground for shadows. Possibility of using HDRI images for lighting. infinit background like photographer use a curved white backdrop for smooth transition.

    HDRI images or atmosphere working almost in your ¨white mode¨choice

    Here is how it works in Keyshot:

  • Thank you for your feedback on this topic. I understand that having a ready to use studio environment will get you up and running faster. I have forwarded your request.

    In the meantime, building a studio environment can be quite simple. First you take a HDRI "skymap" of a studio environment. Then you model the ground and background planes in a white with 100% roughness, a bit like so:

    You may need to adjust the orientation of the sky, ensure that the sun follows the sky and adjust the exposure to the desired values. This should not take longer than 5 minutes to do.

    I hope we can have something that woks for you soon.