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  • Hi, I have been using Enscape for VR presentations for the last 6 months + and have noticed one thing about newbies to VR navigation. They always seem to walk off the home position and then have trouble getting through doors and around furniture so I have to try and physically move them back to the home position.

    When I was building my own custom VR environments I placed a disk at the base of the player capsule so the user had a virtual reference of where the real life home position was. So if they went for a bit of a walk around I could just tell them to look at the ground in VR for the 'home plate' and stand on it. This would bring them back to the point at which they started.

    Now i'm not sure if this is how enscape works but if there is a player capsule type of system that creates collisions then please create an option to show a disk at the base to create a virtual home plate.


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    Hi Gavin Pendergrast

    thanks a lot for your feedback! That's an interesting idea which we'll definitely evaluate - navigation with collision and roomscale VR can be tricky ;) In the meantime a little workaround for the issue: Just teleport yourself somewhere before trying to walk through gaps in walkmode and your collision model will be recentered to your current position as well ;)

  • Teleport option is all good but if they then get 'reentered' on their current physical position then eventually they will run out of space in the room. Getting the user to physically navigate back to the initial start position keeps them contained in the space that you are doing the VR presentation in.

    If you can have it's visibility as an option that would be good as you probably don't need it in fly mode. I had a white disk in my custom VR environments but a ring would be fine & maybe less intrusive in the VR view.