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  • Is there a place where y'all (Enscape guys) discuss upcoming releases/updates, or roadmaps as to what y'all are working on? Things seem very quiet on this forum.

    Is there a group of users doing testing (I'd say beta testing but Enscape is still in alpha).

    I'm trying to stay excited and optimistic, just need something to look forward to.


  • I'd say they're moving extremely rapidly with the development, at least compared to most other software. It seems like every week there is another release with some great new feature. If this was Autodesk, we'd be waiting months or years just for minor new features (and with zero notification of what's coming). In short, we're spoiled.

  • Also, silence is usually a good sign because it means they're working on stuff at the moment ;) (and not distracted by us)

    But I can see how it's frustrating because there's not an official Sketchup version yet with full support for materials and lights. When it does get here though I'm sure it will have been worth the wait. The newest Revit version has more accurate reflections and improved global illumination, so the best is yet to come.

  • Sorry for being silent ;)

    The SketchUp version will be released in a few days (but not yet including artificial lights). We're aiming at releasing a new major update every few months, you can check the high level agenda here:…-agenda-www-enscape3d-com

  • Solo, TowerPower, yess I agree with you, and thanks to you both I convinced my office to buy the floating license - Solo, I showed them the "Enscape Museum" - and they could not believe it in the first place -

    Now we can go work on things, we have both SketchUp users AND Revit users at the office and I provide them as much as I can with progress on both platforms.

    At the other hand I like the quick reaction and participation from the Enscape team on this forumdiscussion beside our sharing comments and solutions.

  • Keep up the good work Thomas, and all the enscape team. the software is amazing and like Towerpower said, we are spoiled. Enscapes development team is moving fast compared to other software out there. Im a corona, lumion, vray, and twinmotion licence holder i have spent lots of hard earned money over the years on these other software packages, each has there place but none are exciting as enscape in my opinion. Revit version is already amazing and few more tweaks on the sketchup version and it will be awesome. Look forward to future releases!

  • Yeah im keen for that too

  • Lastly im up for beta testing around SketchUp for sure when its there